Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Design ideas for kitchen backsplash

Beautify your kitchen backsplash with one of these stylish tile thoughts.

Tall Order

Classic flat marble tiles in classic blues and grays gain a modern look by simply installing them to ceiling on the backsplash from countertop. Flooring, custom-made from reclaimed wood, features honed soapstone countertop, encompassing blue walls, and light gray to tie in using the backsplash. Pieces of an old decorative iron fence attached and were coated to the base cabinets as a curvy sharp contrast to the prevailing straight lines.

Kitchen backsplash tiles

Natural Accents

Subway tile in different colors of green wrapping the kitchen, adding a burst of color and earthy tones to the white space. The kitchen is kept by the mix of dark and light colors from becoming too heavy or too airy. The green tiles and also the warm wood floors give a natural, outdoorsy feel to the kitchen.

Smooth Elegance

Marble tiles cut in hexagonal and rectangular shapes make up this smooth, elegant backsplash. As an alternative to serving as a focal point, this backsplash simply leads to the sleek, elegant look of the room.

Realistic Stone Texture

Pebble tiles that are stacked bring a nature-inspired feel to this area that is backsplash. To accentuate the natural look, the homeowners chose to not grout the tiles. Used in the beverage center of the kitchen, the pebbles create a unique focal point for the zone that is cooking; the remaining kitchen backsplash features a more conventional selection: white ceramic subway tiles.

Golden View

Work with a pattern in a pattern to set your backsplash independent of the group. Dressed in diverse tones of butter and golden yellow, the patterns are identified by liner tiles framing horizontal and vertical rectangular tiles, alternating with gray dots to create the “over and under.

Tile Artwork

Tiny tiles come together to produce a magnificent, nature- inspired backsplash. The range and backsplash are framed by cream-color cupboards, giving a framed artworklike appearance to the backsplash. The image fits in with the straightforward yet elegant look of the rest of the kitchen.

Worldly Goods

Bring a suggestion of import style into the kitchen using tile with global influences.

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